Hours and Schedule

We work the hours our clients need us.  We are willing to work Day, Evenings, and Weekends.  You can call or you can find online scheduling options under Schedule Now.  


Do I have to be there?

You do not have to be on site for the inspection unless there is a reason we would be concerned for our safety.  You can leave payment with the tenant, if you book online you can pay at the time of booking, or we can make other arrangments if you are not there.  Once payment is received we will post the inspection to the city website, so you don't have to do a thing. 


The on site part of the inspection is very quick, so we will not take much of your's or your tenant's time.  Most of our work is done dealing with making sure it is in the city system properly, answering questions, and lots of windshield time... 


What if something fails?

We are unique because we understand that things change.  A smoke detector that works tonight may need replacing tomorrow.  That is part of the reason for the inspections.  Where we stand out is that we carry things like smoke detectors, batteries, screws for flues, and other things that can help your property pass.  No we are not going to be your maintenace crew, but if we show up and you only need something small to make the difference in passing and failing we will provide it.  Usually for free.  


Is this fair... yes it is.  Our job is to make sure your property is safe by the time we leave.  If we can work together for that goal, then everyone wins.  


What about if something is too big, or we don't have the materials to repair it?   Then we need to schedule a re-inspection once you have had a chance to correct the problem.  


How much are they?

The city sets the price in the ordinance.  All of the approved inspectors are the same price, so what stands us appart is service.  We are a small family business.  As a single parent home, we work when you need us, and we work to make sure you and your tenant are inconveninced as little as possible. 


Rental Inspection $50

Re-Inspection. $30

Great Service  Priceless


Do I really have to add GFCI outlets?

While these oulets are suggested, much of Independence is too old for them to be actually required.  Rule of thumb is if they are there, they must work.  If they are not there, we assume you are grandfathered and will pass. 


What if.......

By now we have heard it all.  No matter what question you put in here, just sit back and relax.  This really is just a quick inspection to make sure your rental business and clients are safe.  There is nothing we can't figure out.  


They stressed to us the program is about safety, and that is the only concern we have.  We are not going to go further then just making sure the items on the list pass.  If we find something else as we walk through, we will just make a suggestion to you.  There is NO mechanism in place for us to report on anything but just the items on the list.  


In Short,  Take a deep breath and call.  

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