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The City of Independence has passed a “Rental Ready Inspection” requirement that ALL rentals will be inspected starting on June 1, 2017. 
This is in addition to the license requirement that has been in place for a long time. 
In short, there are 5 items to be inspected by a city approved inspector.  We are one of the few approved inspectors.  After the phase in, inspections will be required as part of the licensing that is already in place, and so will be done with license renewal.  The city requires them every two years after the intitial inspection. 
Having a solid background working for investors and landlords we have a good understanding of your concerns and the importance of your time.  
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Schedule your inspection with the button below by clicking the "schedule button" or click on the "rental" picture to be linked to the city site. 
If you have multiple properties, lets talk about setting up time to spend the day with your maintenance person to try to get these done for you quickly and painlessly. 



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