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If you are buying a home, or if you are listing yours for sale, we would be happy to provide a through home inspection.  As certified home inspectors we can do the two to three hour inspection, providing a full report with pictures at the end.  
For buyers, this is a must so that you know what you are getting into.  One of the largest purchases of your life..  You need to best information you can both to know what may be wrong, but also to aid in negotiations.  
For Sellers, what better way to market your house then to have it inspected before the buyer comes through the door.  You can fix a lot of things much cheaper then the buyer will want to deduct from the sale price, and we have had buyers wave their inspection just because there was a certified inspection on file.  
Home Inspection.  $285
Regular Termite.  $60
Termite with Termite sniffing dog. $80
Radon. $125



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