Infrared Thermography

Infrared cameras allow you to see variations in the surface temperature.  This is important for things like overloaded electical components, moisture that is hidden, or other defects. 


We not only use this advanced technology, but have completed special training to help interpret the sometimes crazy colors this peice of equipment can reveal.  


Prices Vary by Inspection or Package, check the scheduler.

This is a picture of a regular breaker box.  Notice the red hot wire?  That is a slight difference in temperature that would not be detectable without the thermal camera, but can be a very imporant indicator of problems. 


This Image shows a green line where hot water is running inside of a garbage disposal and into the electic connectors at the bottom.  The outside of the disposal was completly dry, and the leak could not have been seen without the use of a thermal camera. 

Radon Inspection

Radon, the number one cause of lung cancer for non smokers.  
We would be happy to schedule the Certified Radon test to start at the home inspection time.  
 Radon test.  $125

Mold testing

We can schedule a mold inspection that includes not only the surface inspection, but also a dog trained in sniffing out hidden sources of mold before they become a problem. 


Mold Inspection. $225


Termite Inspection

We provide certified Termite Inspectors at the time of the home inspection.  The inspector we use has many years of experience, and provides a certified report acceptable to your lender. 


Termite Inspection.  $75

Sewer Camera

There is nothing worse then a big financial surprise right after buying a home.  One of the biggest hidden costs can be roots in a sewer line, collapsed pipe, or other sewer related problems.  This is a hidden area of the house, but we can arrange to have a professional company run a sewer camera and will provide you with a written report of their findings. 


Sewer Camera Report $125


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